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Mar 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
and is that the main altar receiving dignitaries and heads of state. among them president joe biden was leading the u.s. delegation. >> there are more than 132 government delegations there in italy today. the vatican says 33 christian delegations or present as well as jewish, muslim, buddhist. well as jewish, muslim, buddhist. >> we will be ri thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> good morning. the time ms. 4:10. >> some whales are getting very friendly with the voters off the coast of southern california. >> the gray whales were coming right up to the 50 ft. fishing boat and seemed a curious and friendly. the adult whales about 50 ft. wall state alongside the boat for a long time even rubbing up against the engine. >> they were being very friendly th
Mar 14, 2013 6:00am PDT
-president joe biden is headed to run. mr. biden will lead the u.s. delegation when pope france's is officially installed as the pope. no official date for the installation yet, but the vatican said it will likely happen next tuesday. by then is the first catholic to be elected vice president. >> a pleasanton high school on high alert. after a threat to shoot up the school claims it will happen today. if to give you more news faster we will go to mike pelton who is live at the scene. >> teachers will locked classroom doors just as a precaution. authorities are still investigating to find out who is behind the threat. they're also looking at a similar incident that happened in tracy. >> the men wanted in connection with than indecent exposure case in menlo park may have struck again. police are releasing this composite sketch. this man pulled alongside three elementary school girls on monday morning on almanor avenue when they were walking to class. he wanted the girls to tell him whether not they knew the janitor at the school. the girls ignore the man and continued to walk. when there ride to
Mar 15, 2013 4:00am PDT
. he says he is grateful for the invitation. joe biden, the first roman catholic to be elected as vice president, is leading the delegation. >> boeing executives say commercial flights of its grounded 787 jets will resume within weeks, not months. with a third of safety tests already completed. >> boeing says they have not pinpointed the cause of the to battery problems that resulted in the global grounding of the dream liner jets. boeing chief project engineer says a new design has many layers of safeguards to prevent battery fires an overheating. the new design has measures to contain the problem from spreading and to keep the aircraft safe, even if those batteries malfunctioned again. >> i will bring you up to speed on the big rig accident >> we are back at 4:25. >> fans held a cult tv show series become a film, and dick clark is a fortune to a men's group. called ahzeus. >> has more on hollywood minute. >> they set a record on the side raising and million dollars and four hours and 24 minutes. >> the project has more than to pass it go. >> rob thomas says your brothers which owns t
Mar 14, 2013 4:00am PDT
president joe biden is headed to rome. the vice president is going to lead the u.s. delegation when told france's is officially installed as pope. no official date for the insulation yet, but the vatican says it is a good hypothesis that next tuesday will be the day. >> biden is the first catholic to be elected vice president. >> pleasanton high school on high alert this morning after a threat to shoot students at the school. today. >> to get you more faster we turn to mike pelton he has been following the story. >> mike yesterday's it came to light that there was a warning that will scrawl on the bathroom what? >> yes that is right in the girls' bathroom here at foothill high school the school is open today. extra police officers. teachers lock their classroom doors as a precaution. >> here is a picture of the threat posed in the girls' bathroom on tuesday it reads i hate every one of the school watch me shoot everyone on march 14th. of course that is today. school staff and district officials met to discuss the threat. that so-called and they haven't handled. >> as far as was behind it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4